How to Go Longer Without Washing Your Hair

How to Go Longer Without Washing Your Hair

We all have our love and our hate with wash day, right? We want to keep our hair fresh for as long as possible, and in most cases, that’s actually pretty beneficial for your hair health. Your scalp needs time to naturally produce oils that keep your strands soft, shiny and healthy before you strip [...]

Thanksgiving Style Guide

What’s your vibe for thanksgiving dinner? I feel like my family use to get more dressed up as I was growing up, but as we’ve gotten older we have definitely slacked up a bit and have gotten more casual- which is more than fine with me! For me personally, the greater half of my extended [...]

DIY Gallery Wall for Home Renters

DIY Gallery Wall for Home Renters

I’m so excited for this post, because this was my first big (kinda big lol) home project that I’ve done and it was a success! Jon and I were taking a while trying to figure out what to put on this main living room wall and couldn’t really find anything we liked. He really wanted [...]

Tips for Maskne

Shop my swim look here! With the majority of us having to navigate the world in face masks or coverings of some sort for the unforeseen future, I know my skin has kinda taken a beating with it. I have combination skin, so it gets pretty oily and easily clogged in the summer already, so [...]

Affordable Apartment Decor

Hey lovely! Today we’re talking all apartment decor which I’m SO excited for!! I went on my IG stories the other day which... side note if you’re not following me on Instagram, come say hi over here- but anyway yeah I was asking you guys what you wanted to see on the blog more of [...]

Transitional Fall Fashion

While the heat and humidity will be calming down (hopefully) soon, it’s so exciting we’re getting closer to spooky season, but outfit choosing can get kinda confusing with the warm but cool temps. Here are some of my go to items for the transitional fall season: Flannels You can style flannels so many different ways [...]