Caring for Color Treated Hair

Odds are if you’re reading this, you’ve already colored your hair, or you’re at least thinking of it, and I’m so here for it! Coloring your hair has so many benefits to you- it changes your look, gives you confidence, and can enhance your features. Something to keep in mind though when coloring your hair [...]

HelloBody Review

Around last summer, I started taking my skincare very seriously. I felt that my skin was a hot mess to say the least and I was ready to start taking better care of it. I was mainly just using face wash and moisturizer, with the occasional mask every once in a while, and I was [...]

My R+Co Must Grabs

If you’re a client of mine, you know one of the lines that’s carried at the salon that I use is R+Co. It’s one of my favorite lines I carry and use, and has SO many versatile high quality products, and truly has something for every hair type. I get asked in person and in [...]

How to Achieve + Maintain Shiny, Glossy Hair

Some of us are able to keep up on glossy hair easier than others. Some reason goes into which hair type you are, some has to do with your chemical history, some can be genetic, and some can be lifestyle. While it is harder for some to keep shiny hair than others, here are some [...]

BEACH WAVE SERIES | Tools of the Trade

BEACH WAVE SERIES | Tools of the Trade

Beach waves are always a win in my mind. Due to being a hairdresser, I’ve tried so many tools, products, and techniques and I’m here to compile all my top secrets to getting the perfect, long lasting, textured, beachy wave. I decided to do these in a series as well so it’s not one huge [...]