INCOMMON Beauty Review

One thing I love about doing hair are the products that come with it. The right hair product can make or break your style, and the right products can truly turn your hair around for the better. But I’ve kinda noticed a gap in the industry. We have numbers of styling products that we can use at home which is great. And there are tons of oils to use at home too, that really the biggest problem is picking the best one for you and your needs. But what about treatments? I preach deep treatments and conditioning masks to my clients. And I love them, because like what I just previously said, your hair that may be previously damaged or lacks hydration or is extremely unmanageable can be changed for the better with a good conditioning treatment. But most are either in salon only, or if you can take them home come with a hefty price tag that doesn’t last long at all. Do you see where I’m getting at? How can we have the best hair possible for ourselves if the products we need are hard to attain?

So I discovered Incommon for the first time about a year ago. I had gotten sent their leave in conditioner from an online distributor where I get some of my hair color from for my clients. Then, fast forward a few months, they release their in shower treatments and I received them for free and was over the moon about it! So as a disclaimer, I did receive these for free, but that doesn’t change my opinion about any of it. I wouldn’t ever recommend anything to my clients or you as a reader if I didn’t use it in the salon and love it.

Some background information about Incommon from their website is that it was created by two hairstylists out in California. It’s a luxury hair care treatment brand that promises to create products designed to improve the health of your hair so you can enjoy effortless style. They strongly believe in community, truth, and a free spirit.

Their products are formulated with their Custom Care Complex- which claims it understands what your hair needs. It repairs where it’s damaged, strengthens where it’s weak, and rinses away the rest without weighing it down. It’s also formulated without:

Harsh sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, MI\MCI, sodium chloride, or triethanolamine. It has heat protection up to 450 degrees, UVA/UVB filters, it’s also vegetarian and color safe.

So how the take home treatments work is this: you shampoo, spray in the enhancer (treatment) of your choice, before you rinse the enhancer out, you layer the mask on top, then rinse. I personally like to keep the treatment in for 5-10 minutes just so I know I’m giving the products enough time to fully penetrate in my hair. I’m gonna walk you through the shampoo, mask, and the enhancers.


Some notes I’ve taken is that it’s a foam consistency, it’s moisture balancing, it’s not too stripping, doesn’t strip out color, but it detoxifies enough. Now I’m gonna be honest, it’s weird using a foam shampoo at first at least it was for me. And since I only wash my hair once a week I do feel like I need to shampoo twice, but I always do that even with my normal shampoo. I love that my hair and my scalp feels clean but not stripped. I have naturally dry, brittle hair, so when it does feel stripped it can give a straw- like consistency. My biggest tip with this too is that the foam does expand, so start with little product, like maybe a nickel-sized amount. I feel like I save a lot of product with it being a foam.



This is one of the three in shower treatments, and the one I most commonly use at the salon. It’s formulated for dry, thirsty hair. It’s going to protect and soften your strands along with revitalizing and rejuvenating. I feel like the hair takes a big drink of water after this treatment.


So this one is the one I most commonly use on myself. Like I previously stated, my hair is naturally really weak, and is prone to breakage. Since I do put heat in it quite a bit I like to use something to help strengthen it when I do wash it, and this stuff has made my hard to grow hair grow a lot in the last couple months. It restores from inside out, will prevent split ends, strengthens fibers and stimulates the follicle-which will promote hair growth.


This is amazing for these dry winter months on my girls with coarse, unruly hair. It helps tame, defrizz, smooth, add shine, and tame the hair. It’s also calming on the scalp, and softens the hair.


This is cool, because you can skip your conditioner with this. It’s rich, yet very lightweight, balances moisture, formulated for all hair styles and textures, nourishes without the weight, and is formulated with glycolic acid.


This was Incommon’s first product release, and also my first love. Formulated for all hair types and textures it’s a weightless leave in conditioner. It’s meant to enhance, strengthen, and transform your hair. It reinforces and seals your cuticle, can dramatically repair damage, and will detangle and protect against heat. I cannot go without this on my or any of my clients hair!


Incommon also carries two in salon deep treatment lines. Crystal Serum is for restructuring and Cashmere Fusion is for restoring. These can be done together or separate, depending on what your hair needs. Crystal serum hydrates, nourishes, and improves texture, leaving your hair silky smooth. This is geared toward those that need even more hydration, and if your hair is seeming limp and lifeless. This will help getting it back up and going, bouncy and full of shine and life. Cashmere fusion strengthens and reconstructs the hair. It will aid in repairing previous damage, for those that are in need of strength. It connects broken bonds back that broke originally caused by chemical processes, hot tools, and environmental stressors.

Both of these treatments can be done post color, or on separate appointments.

All in all, I’m so excited to be bringing this product line to the salon. I love everything the brand stands by. I love how inclusive they are, and how girls of every hair type can enjoy it. I love how much it’s transformed my hair, with one simple system. It’s truly cut my shower time in half, because I was using 3 different deep conditioning masks at one time to do the same thing that my system does now, and has given my way better results. I absolutely adore the packaging as well, but I will say though, be careful because I’m a very clumsy person and accidentally dropped and broke one of my magic myst bottles at the salon😂

If you’d like to purchase Incommon, I have a link for you here:

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate through Incommon, which simply just means I earn a small commission off your sales. I was not paid to post this review though 🙂

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