What Does Every Girl Need to Have in Their Haircare Routine?

Being a hairstylist, one of the most common questions I get from clients are relating to what products they actually need for their hair. I get it, there is literally SO much to choose from it’s probably a little overwhelming. First you have to figure out what your hair type is, what your daily struggles are, how much are you willing to spend, what scents you like, I mean I could go on for a minute about this. What I like to remind my clients is this- your hair is an investment. Regardless of your budget you’re willing to spend on your hair, you should have the right products for your hairtype and lifestyle to insure your investment. To guarantee your color you just spent more than half of your paycheck will last, to keep your hair happy and healthy so you don’t have to get another big trim at your next appointment, and more importantly, for more good hair days. If you think I’m going to list off a strict 15 step regimen, you’re wrong. If that’s your routine there’s nothing wrong with that, but you can achieve your dream hair with just a few products.

Hydrating, Color Safe & Professional Shampoo and Conditioner

If I’m going to recommend you buy one professional product, I’m going to recommend shampoo and conditioner (ok, it counts as two products but you know what I mean.) I could make a whole separate post on why you’re better than drugstore shampoo and conditioner so I’ll save that for another day. But what you need to look into for shampoos and conditioners are hydration and color safe. Most professional shampoos and conditioners are color safe as well, so that already helps. But when it comes to hydration, everyone’s hair needs hydration on the daily if you ask me.

Deep Conditioning Mask

Once a week is a good time to give your hair some extra love. Think about all the stress you put on it in a weeks time. The hot tools, the messy buns and tight ponytails, the dry air in the winter, even sleeping can be really stressful on your hair when you’re not using satin pillowcases. A good at home deep conditioning treatment helps recover your hair from the stress of last week, and prepare it for the stress of this coming week. They come in all different types like hydration, strength, color locking, added shine, etc.

Leave In Conditioner

Using a leave in conditioner after the shower helps for a few reasons- any extra packed in hydration for your hair is great, it also can help soften your hair, give it shine, smooths coarser or curly hair, repairs and strengthens weak hair, I think you get the point. Find a good one that’s not too heavy on your hair and won’t make it greasy but will at least get the job done. It’s also an added bonus if it offers multiple benefits. Leave in conditioners can be a water based spray, a thicker cream or anything in between.


I made a lengthy post regarding heat protectant on my Instagram a few weeks back, and if you haven’t seen it, make sure you go check it out. This is non negotiable to me. Heat can damage your hair unprotected just as much as lightening your hair can. I’m a huge advocate for oils for your hair, and most oils these days formulate heat protectant in it as well so you’re killing two birds in one time. If you want a dedicated heat protectant only, there are lightweight sprays and foams out there which really just comes down to your preference.


So I just said that oil can be used as a heat protectant which is great, but oil also does other amazing things for our hair. It smooths out your cuticle, hydrates and strengthens your hair, adds shine and protects against environmental stressors (dry air, pollution, etc.) A good oil is definitely a staple for any beauty arsenal.

So there you have it- hair care must haves from a professional hairstylist. I hope these helped! If you have any questions, feel free to head over to the ‘contact’ tab and reach out to me. I would love to help you out!