Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

With the world’s favorite love day coming up, I wanted to give you guys some date night ideas. Whether you guys are the ones who love to hit the town, or if you’re more of a homebody (🙋🏾‍♀️) there’s definitely something you can do with your sweetie to make this Valentine’s Day a little more special.

Date Night in

I’m gonna be honest, Jon and I are low key homebodies lmao. We both work a lot, and just want to spend our time off relaxing with each otherw. We do like to get out and do something a few times a month, but we’ve also gotten pretty creative at some in house date nights. It also saves a lot of money too for us broke folk lol. One of my favorites was when we did our own DIY Wine + Canvas night. Now, we just grabbed some cardstock and some markers, but it was so much fun. We came up with topics off the top of our head that we were both to create and it was so funny to see our different takes on it.

Another good go to for your next date night in is just cook your favorite meal together. Get some steak, your favorite sides with some wine, make a salad, make some dessert and you guys are good to go. My favorite date nights with Jon these days are when he tries something new to cook and I just hang around bugging him which I like to think as keeping him company lol (he’s most definitely the better chef) and we just chill. You save a lot of money this way and like I said earlier, you can make any date night in your own.

Alright another good at home date is a spa night in. Light some candles or essential oil diffuser, get some face masks to try and have fun with it! Another idea to consider is having him do your makeup. I love watching YouTube videos of guys doing this to their girlfriends, and although Jon has colored my hair before he hasn’t done my makeup yet lol. Maybe just give him a heads up on how to be gentle around the expensive pallete you just got so he doesn’t mess it up😂

Date Night Out

So if you guys are looking to get out of the house for the night, I have a few ideas for you guys too!

Starting off with something still on the more affordable side- try something local. Look into the local wineries, breweries, comedy clubs, etc. I love checking out a new winery or brewery (even though I’m not a big beer fan) but just because I love the atmosphere and vibes. Most of them are low key and chill vibes too which is perfect for those of us that are more low key and chill. Going to a comedy club isn’t too expensive either, most of the bill is normally with the drinks you get but it’s not too bad!

Another one, some of you might have to talk your boyfriends into, but have your own spa day out! Go get pedicures together or a couples massage. This is definitely on my date night bucket list for 2020. Some local spas or nail salons may also be offering Valentine’s Day promos as well so be on the lookout!

This one is pretty easy for most of us, but one that I can’t specifically name. What’s your guys’ go to spot as a couple? Is it a restaurant or park? Valentine’s Day is the most perfect day to go to that favorite place you guys share together. Reliving your first date night is a great idea to do too! Jon and I did last year when it was our one year since our first date and it’s the coolest thing to see everything come full circle. It’s definitely something I recommend all couples do.

Now this last one is a big one, but I highly recommend everyone do it every now and again. Take a weekend off together. I had a color class a little over an hour away back in November, and didn’t want to go alone so Jon came with me and we made a whole weekend out of it and it was one of my favorite weekends I’ve spent with him yet. We stayed at the hotel a majority of the time and got a jacuzzi room and just spent time with each other. Yes, it’s a little bit of an expense but when you’re so busy with work, or school or both, sometimes you get lost in the time you’re not really spending together. And if you ask me, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about!

So if you were stumped on date night ideas for Valentine’s Day, I hope this helped you out a little bit! Do you have date night plans yet? I wanna hear about them in the comments below! XOXO

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