Hair Masks + Treatments- What’s the Difference?

Hair Masks + Treatments- What’s the Difference?

I think you guys can tell by now how passionate I am by haircare. My passion is making all of my clients hair beautiful in and out of the salon. It’s so easy to leave the salon and your hair feels great, but that first wash after your appointment, all the goodness that your stylist [...]

Spring Style Guide 2020

Finally, a practical style guide for us twenty something year old girls that’s practical for both our lifestyle and our budget! (Cue the applause 👏🏽) Lots and lots of stores are doing online deals and free shipping right now too so now is truly the time to get shopping for some spring gear at the [...]

How to Keep Busy, Inspired, and High Spirits While Stuck at Home

I know some of you are really struggling with social distancing right now, and I do feel for you. Personally, I’m a homebody and I don’t feel very safe out in public so I’ve been perfectly content at home. But, I feel like because I am more of a homebody too, I can keep busier [...]

Lipgloss Guide Spring 2020

Today we’re talking about the glossiest of the glosses, which I find so funny because for years and years, I didn’t even own one lipgloss. I thought they were dumb tbh lol. I was like why spend the same amount of money on a gloss when a lipstick stays on for way longer? Now, my [...]

Beauty Habits to Try During Quarantine

Whether it’s a mandated quarantine or you just know you’ll be spending more time at home than normal, here are 10 new beauty habits to try that will make your life easier in the end💕 1. Don’t wash your hair everyday. Especially my everyday washers! In case you didn’t know, your hair gets oilier quicker [...]

Dry Shampoo Deets + Disses

Where do you stand with dry shampoo? Can you not live without it or are you pretty indifferent about it? For me and a lot of my friends we practically live off of it lol. Most think there’s only one way to use dry shampoo though and it only comes in one way, so I’m [...]

Jogger Style Guide- making sweats socially acceptable for Spring

If I know one thing it’s that I love joggers. I wear them year round, and with the right clothing pieces and accessories, they’re actually pretty easy to dress up too! The key is all in the fabric. Joggers made of a thicker cotton typically feel and look like the traditional sweatpant more. Now I [...]

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles + Under Eye Bags

One of my biggest insecurities I’ve had about myself are my dark circles under my eyes. When I don’t wear makeup I get asked all the time if I’m tired, if I’m sick, why I look different, etc. And I know it’s because my eyes make it look like I get no sleep at night [...]

Spring Break Beauty Essentials

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year where the weather starts warming up and vacations start rolling around! I’m here to give you guys the top beauty essentials you need to make sure you bring with you💕 Most of these I linked in the travel size too so you don’t run into any issues with [...]