How to Get Rid of Dark Circles + Under Eye Bags

One of my biggest insecurities I’ve had about myself are my dark circles under my eyes. When I don’t wear makeup I get asked all the time if I’m tired, if I’m sick, why I look different, etc. And I know it’s because my eyes make it look like I get no sleep at night lol-which I promise I do get sleep.

Something you have to keep in mind about dark circles and puffiness is that sometimes it’s hereditary. Which means that we can do things to aid them temporarily but they will not permanently go away, or at least not completely.

Some at home remedies we can do are:

Drinking enough water. We’ve all heard it before how keeping your body hydrated keeps your skin healthy and glow. Dehydration can dull down the skin tremendously over time. So this just goes hand in hand with that.

Another thing to consider with puffy eye bags is especially if you already know you have allergies to take an antihistamine. Sometimes when the seasons change and make our allergies flare up, our skin will wig out too. Me, personally my seasonal allergies wig out in the fall and I’ll wake up with puffy eyes for weeks so it’s a common situation.

Sleeping on your back will help prevent our fluids from pulling and settling on the sides. If that doesn’t help put, keeping your pillows elevated may work out a little better.

Salty foods are high packed in sodium which contributes to our body’s fluid retention. When our fluid retention is low, it can make our whole face and body puffy overall- hence face and body bloating. Cutting back on salty, high sodium foods may help to keep our fluid retention level and our puffy eye bags at ease.

Now these tricks can help for those with temporary eye problems, but if this is a long term issue you’ve had, in my opinion it’s best to just accept that they may not completely go away unless you go to seek medical treatment for it. But there are cosmetic things you can do to cover them for the day, and skincare treatments to keep them under control. For me personally, here’s what I have found that works best.

A jade roller has been proven beneficial for your under eyes for multiple reasons. Some being they will improve your overall skin tone, reduce puffiness, improve circulation and stimulate collagen. To keep a supple, glory face, collagen and good circulation are huge. Having good blood flow on your skin keeps it looking feeling plump, glowy and lively, and collagen is a protein that our body produces that keeps our delicate parts of our skin (like our under eyes) healthy, hydrated and dark circle free.

It’s also really beneficial to keep your roller in the fridge. When it’s used cold, it will tighten the blood vessels when it’s rolled onto the skin which adds extra depuff power.

Under eye masks are huge for combatting dark circles and puffiness. Think about how good all over face masks feel, let alone a mask dedicated just for our eyes. My favorite ones are from Tarte Cosmetics. Their pack your bags soothe & hydrate the delicate undereye area, while fighting the look of puffiness, dark circles & crow’s feet. These also work even better when they are stored in the fridge.

Caffeine Solution applied topically through masks or other treatments constricts blood vessels, reduce inflammation and puffiness, and tighten and brighten. The Ordinary has a great one that I’ve been using lately. When I use it twice a day like recommended for a good amount of time, I do truly notice a lift in my dark circles.

So now, onto makeup. So color correcting is super beneficial for those with dark circles. Think of how the shades under our eyes. They’re more blue/purple tones, right? Well, in order to correct that color, we need to use blues complementary color. And that’s orange, I.e. why there are so many dark circle correctors that are peach or oranges. I’ve been using NYX Dark Circle Corrector for years. It’s inexpensive and lasts forever.

After the dark circle corrective concealer, you have to our regular concealer on top. And it’s recommended to use a medium- full coverage concealer over the corrective one, because you want to make sure the orange gets completely covered- which isn’t difficult at all as long as you have a well covered concealer. Now I’ve tried so many under the sun. And I have three go tos, all of different price points. Tarte Shape Tape, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye, and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind are three of my tried and trues.

PRO TIP: when looking for a concealer, be sure to get one a shade to two shades lighter than your skin tone. This is because it will brighten the eye area just enough and give a dimensional look to the face so it doesn’t look too flat.

PRO TIP #2: apply your concealer in an upside down triangle form. This again brings a lot of brightness to the under eye area. Just concealing the eye contour will actually draw more attention to it.

Okay, we’re almost done bare with me! Now for setting powder. I like to bake my under eyes to prevent my concealer from creasing then topping the rest with an undereye brightening powder. My favorite for this is Bare Minerals Concealer because it’s so finely milled and sits on the skin so well! It also has a little bit of a luminosity to it so it really gives a supple feel to your under eyes.

I also have an IGTV video going through the makeup part of this process, so be sure to go check that out if you’re a more visual person and want to see a tutorial!

Okay you made it through! Haha a lot of tips in there, I hope one helps you! Here’s to my first makeup post too, first of many! Thanks for reading! See you soon, XO’s