Jogger Style Guide- making sweats socially acceptable for Spring

If I know one thing it’s that I love joggers. I wear them year round, and with the right clothing pieces and accessories, they’re actually pretty easy to dress up too!

The key is all in the fabric. Joggers made of a thicker cotton typically feel and look like the traditional sweatpant more. Now I love my joggers that are made like these, but I normally don’t dress these up too much. The joggers that are a more thinner cotton material, in my experience, are much more easier to dress up, because they don’t look as much like true sweatpants. Polyester are really easy to dress up too. These I can normally do something on a casual to a dressy casual look.

Some of my favorite pieces to throw with these for a casual look are:

Don’t be fooled though, you can easily dress joggers up! Especially on a dinner date night with your honey or your girlfriends, or out for a few drinks, you can dress them up with:

The secret to keeping them from making you look ‘frumpy’ or ‘homeless’ is to make sure either you’re able to accentuate your waist, or keeping it more fitted on top. Hence why you want to keep the jackets and T-shirt’s a little more fitted. Another tip for when you’re shopping for the right jogger to dress up a little more is to make sure they fit slim in the ankle area to the cuff and not baggy- on me personally when they are baggy and have ankle cuff at the bottom that will kinda give the appearance of kankles and I don’t think anyone likes that lol. Think of wanting them fitting like a loose skinny jean lol. Now when they do fit baggy in the area and cuff, those are super boho and cute too, but just dress the outfit down a lot more in my opinion.

My favorite place to get my joggers from that are easiest to dress up or down are H&M, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters

Let me know in the comments below how you like to style your sweats best! XO’s💕