My Favorite Affordable Loungewear Pieces

Happy Monday! Life has been WEIRD lately, hasn’t it? If you ask me, I think 2020 woke up on the wrong side of the bed lol.

Social Distancing is something most of us have never had to partake in ever, and although it’s strange, unsettling, weird, scary and everything in between, I’m going to do my personal best to make it as safe on my very tiny platform on the internet as possible.

So along with that, today I’m rounding up my favorite affordable loungewear pieces. All of these are available online as well, so don’t worry you can shop in for comfort of your now socially distanced home💕

First up we have this blush Pink Sweatshirt from Target. You’ll see that Target is one of my favorite places to get loungewear, because they always fit so well and the price is right.

Next up from Target we have these super comfy mid rise joggers. Now my last blog post was all dedicated to joggers so I’m sure there’s no need to go into more detail of why I love them, but I don’t think I said in that last post I love when they’re a mid rise fit, because they fit around your bottom and tummy area so comfortably! I’m the same with my leggings too.

Last from Target we have the most comfy tie dye satin pajama shorts– p.s. spoiler alert I’ll probably say comfy like 20 times this whole post lmao. First off I love the relaxed fit of these, and I love the satin detail on the bottom, because well for one I love satin and two if you’re kinda hot the satin can help cool you down, but with the main part of the short being cotton it’s still very comfortable.

Next on the line we have Aerie. These olive green joggers are seriously to die for I mean one, I love olive so that’s already great and two they’re only $20 for a limited time, so get them while you can! This is apart of a set too so you might as well get the matching olive sweatshirt while you’re at it😜

I love this maroon Nike crewneck that I’ve been wearing all winter. This is actually from their men’s section, because I liked this color and it wasn’t in women’s and the men’s fit me more the way I wanted to with the slightly baggy, relaxed feel.

Now for our last store we have everyone’s true love and savior, Amazon, look at these pink joggers! They’d match perfect with the pink sweatshirt I talked about from Target- were all about the matching sets here this season if ya can’t tell.

Now I love slippers, but especially now as the weather tries warming up, sometimes it’s a little too warm for comfort for them. But that’s what these gray cross cross open toe slippers are for! They’re the perfect mix of soft fuzziness, yet with the open toe, your feet won’t be sweating because I know we all hate that.

And last but certainly not least, girl can we talk about these Lululemon dupe leggings?! For one I’m obsessed with the color and yes in case you were wondering from this post I am obsessed with pale or light pink thanks for asking lol. But the quality of these are amazing. They’re such great quality, and if you’re still able to go to the gym or if you’re like me and decided to move your gym workouts home for the time being, these are a perfect pair to grab. And they’re only $25 so compared to lululemon pricing dude you really can’t beat it.

And wine. Lots and lots of wine.

Like I said, this is a weird time for all of us. Be kind to everyone you cross paths with, this government ordered distancing is definitely affecting everyone differently. Small business owners like myself, bartenders, waiters/ waitresses, teachers, students, grocery store cashiers, I could go on. But we’re all in this together💕

Be sure to follow me on all my socials if you need some positivity and a happy internet outlet for the time being. I know for me personally, other than being on Instagram and my email I’m socially distancing myself away from everything else on my phone as much as I can to keep my spirits up☀️

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