Dry Shampoo Deets + Disses

Where do you stand with dry shampoo? Can you not live without it or are you pretty indifferent about it? For me and a lot of my friends we practically live off of it lol. Most think there’s only one way to use dry shampoo though and it only comes in one way, so I’m here to give you all the deets about dry shampoo, along with some dos and don’ts with it as well.

So I’m sure we all know, but in case you don’t dry shampoo is a spray that soaks up excess oil and grease to give your hair a fresher, cleaner appearance. It helps you stretch out your wash days by an extra day or two- sounds perfect, right? There’s actually a few more uses for it too! Some of those consist of giving your limp, fine hair extra volume, and help add texture.

But just remember the biggest thing I tell my friends, clients, and family: dry shampoo has it’s place, but remember that wet shampooing definitely still has its place as well. Dry shampoo cannot and should not replace your actual shampoo, and you should definitely still be cleansing and conditioning your hair thoroughly to keep it healthy. It’s great if it helps you go from washing once a day to every other day, or three times a week to only twice a week, etc., but make sure you are still cleansing your hair on a somewhat routine schedule that’s best for it.


DO: Only use once or twice throughout the week for soaking up oil.

DON’T: Use on your scalp everyday. Daily use can do the reverse effect and can leave buildup, thus weighing your hair down. Daily use on your scalp can also clog your follicles, which isn’t good for your hair either. If you’re using it for styling purposes and not focusing it on your scalp daily, as long as you’re using it in moderation you should be fine.

DO: Spray 3-4 up away from the scalp

DON’T: Spray too close to the scalp. This again, can cause buildup and clogged follicles, along with giving your hair that dreaded white cast that can be hard to blend in, especially if you’re a brunette.


Tip 1: Consider spraying in your scalp on day one hair. Doesn’t make sense, right? Well it actually does, because when it sits in your hair for an extended time, for one it’ll help prevent your hair from getting oily in the first place, and then because of that you don’t feel the need to overuse it. This is also beneficial for those like me who’s hair feels ‘too clean’ after you wash it, that it feels limp and doesn’t want to cooperate.

Tip 2: Just like how we bake our face with powder, bake your scalp with dry shampoo! Spray it in at night and DON’T massage it in. Let it absorb overnight and if there’s any excess the following morning then massage it in. This again, will last longer than your standard way you use dry shampoo and is very ideal for those with super oily hair.

Tip 3: Doing everything you can to prevent a white cast from your dry shampoo but nothing is helping? Consider tinted dry shampoo- especially for brunettes! Lots of lines have brunette tints, and some even have some for blondes, redheads, light brunettes, etc!

Other ways you can use dry shampoo is for volume. The best dry shampoos to use for volume or for styling in any way are typically ones with lighter hold.

The best ways to use dry shampoo for volume is to spray in your crown area around 4-6 in away from your scalp, and massage in. PRO TIP: flip your head upside down and spray in your crown this way for added volume.

Using dry shampoo for texture is another option. Again, spray 4-6 inches away from your hair and spray all over before curling or waving your hair. For those huge, pulled apart boho braids, spray dry shampoo in your hair before you braid. Then when you go to start to pull the braid apart, the grit from the dry shampoo helps it pull apart and hold at the same time. When your hair is super clean and limp, pulling apart braids either will make the braid fall apart easier, or the braid will have complications pulling apart altogether, so dry shampoo is a perfect hack for this!

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Thanks for reading! Until next time, XO’s💋