Beauty Habits to Try During Quarantine

Whether it’s a mandated quarantine or you just know you’ll be spending more time at home than normal, here are 10 new beauty habits to try that will make your life easier in the end💕

1. Don’t wash your hair everyday.

Especially my everyday washers! In case you didn’t know, your hair gets oilier quicker depending on how much you wash it. It’s a cycle- so you washing it everyday makes your hair feel the need to overproduce the natural oils it needs and that’s why your oils seep in by the end of the day and you feel the need to wash it again the next morning. While you won’t be out and about nearly as much, now is the time to train your hair and try to go every 2-3 days. Try out dry shampoo or some cute second day hairstyles in the meantime and see what works best for you.

My favorite dry shampoos are linked here, along with a blog post dedicated to all things dry shampoo here.

2. If you’ve been wanting to change your part, nows your time.

My biggest tips are:

  • Put your new part in immediately after you wash your hair and either air dry it this way or blow dry it this way
  • If you do blow dry it, make sure you use your brush and brush your hair in place while drying it to encourage control
  • Sleep with your hair in low pigtails or 2 low braids in your new part, or a low ponytail keeping your new part in place
  • Use clips or barrettes on the side that’s having a harder time laying in place

3. Try new skincare

Or better yet, if you don’t have a skincare routine yet, nows the time to develop one.

4. Try a new curling technique or new hairstyles

Did you know I make IGTV videos on hairstyles and hacks? Go check them out here!

5. Let your hair breathe.

Yes, you should definitely still get yourself ready at least a few times a week to keep yourself motivated and keep your spirits up, but try to find some ways to minimize the heat you put on your hair daily. Your hair will truly be thankful for it.

6. Let your skin breathe.

Yes, your skin too. Again, put your makeup on, but there’s no need right now to put it on everyday. Or do a happy medium like just some of the essentials you feel you have to put on! There’s nothing wrong with putting it on everyday, but this is something I try to do every few months anyway, because our skin gets so clogged of makeup even if we take it off every night. It’s nice to give it a break.

7. Eyebrow Razors for grooming them until you can get them waxed again.

This is something I do year round, and I don’t need to tweeze mine nearly as much! Some of my favorite brow razors are linked here.

8. Practice New Makeup Techniques.

YouTube is never cancelled girl, when I say that’s where I learned how to do anything and everything makeup related I mean it!! Try new looks, color combos, or just binge it like Netflix for all I care I watch YouTube more than TV if you want me to be honest!

9. Don’t pick your nails or rip your gels off.

This is a nasty habit, and it took me a long time to break it, but your nails will hate it. It’s so bad for them! Especially because you can pull layers of your nail off, and trust me, getting that repaired can be kinda painful, I’ve learned in years past. Your nail tech will truly thank you, just grow them out.

10. Don’t cut your own bangs, don’t touch the box dye.

I think y’all saw this one coming. But seriously- it’s not worth it. This quarantine will go quicker than you think and I’ll be over sooner than you think. Color corrections are way more expensive and take so much longer. Don’t pain your hair what you’ve worked so hard for. And with the bangs too, I’m still growing mine out from almost 2 years ago that I cut, and I’m a professional too. Don’t let these short term circumstances cause some long term messes on your hair💕

Thanks for reading!! Until next time, XO’s💋