How to Keep Busy, Inspired, and High Spirits While Stuck at Home

I know some of you are really struggling with social distancing right now, and I do feel for you. Personally, I’m a homebody and I don’t feel very safe out in public so I’ve been perfectly content at home. But, I feel like because I am more of a homebody too, I can keep busier at home more than most. Like honestly, if I could work from home I easily would. But even I get cabin fever. And during this scary time of uncertainty in the world, a lot of us have our heads filled with different emotions at all times. So we’re going to be talking about how to keep busy, but also keeping your spirits up while we’re all homebound for a little while.

  • Do that hobby you can barely make time for anymore or you’ve always been wanting to try.
  • Start journaling- whether it’s a regular journal or a happiness journal, or anything along those lines. Something to get your creative and happy thoughts rolling.
  • Exercise- and this one is really important. Look, I know gyms are closed down but just do something to get you moving for at least 15 minutes a day. Getting your endorphins going will keep you motivated and feeling good even though we will all be mainly major couch potatoes.
  • Make your bed everyday- another one that gets you started on the right foot daily and gets you motivated.
  • Whether you’re working from home, working on your business, starting a new project, etc. dedicate time to it daily. Whatever time schedule works best for you. Like ‘at least 3 hours a day’ or an actual time frame like noon-3, etc.
  • This and I cannot stress this enough, LIMIT YOUR TIME SCROLLING. You guys, the media is scary right now. And although they’re doing their jobs and they’re all doing an amazing job keeping us informed, we all know that spiral or tunnel we can go down. Stay informed, but keep a clear mind. Keep an optimistic mind too.
  • Find Bloggers or you tubers to binge on. I’m a beauty girl, obviously so anything beauty related I love to binge on.
  • Listen to music that keeps your spirits up. I’m such a throwback R&B lover, and that music will always set my mood right.
  • Dog owners, spend more time with them. My dog will always put me in a good mood, and even if you you just devote 20 minutes of your day to playing with them, it’ll clear your thoughts and make their day. What we’re doing is making sure Digo gets walked at least once a day to keep him active, and he’s always way better behaved when he has gotten outside a little bit. Do what is best for you and your dogs lifestyle.
  • Call, text or FaceTime family members or friends you haven’t heard from in a while and catch up. This is always good for the soul.
  • Clean and disinfect. Keep your home healthy and I feel so much better when the home is clean anyway.
  • Organize your life back together.
  • Find new recipes to try.
  • Most importantly, check in with yourself. Make sure you’re doing okay. I know this time is crazy. We’re living what our kids will learn about in history class, and it’s an odd time. Make sure you are doing okay.

Love you guys, stay happy, stay healthy, and we’re going to get through this💕 XO’s