Spring Beauty Guide 2020

I’m back with another beauty guide and this one is your ultimate beauty guide. We’re going to go into makeup, hair and skin trends today and chatting about what’s hot for this year.


I mean, when is glowy and fresh skin not in though? But spring more than any other season is when it’s really big. We all want to look like the human version of like a breath of fresh air after the winters passed- am I right or am I right? Some tips for glowy fresh skin is have a bangin skincare routine, drink plenty of water, and use makeup products that enhance glow.


Going hand in hand with glowy skin, supple and hydrated makeup is super in. The ‘wet look’ on the face, lips, and eyes is super popular and was last year. Personally, I wore like all matte makeup all through highschool it wasn’t until last year that I wanted some glow to my skin, that I really haven’t stopped that trend yet haha.


Yes, the fluffy brows are still in and although some might be rolling their eyes, I love this trend. It flatters the whole supple, dewy skin so nicely. A pro tip I have to natural brows are to make sure you’re using short strokes when you’re filling in your brows, that mimic real hairs. Also, make sure they’re all directing up or heading up and at and angle (angle up heading to your arch, angle down after your arch) to enhance the fluff.


If you’re not going for the wet look on your lips, or clear/ nude gloss just isn’t for you, the bold lips are back this year too! Corals, pinks, and strawberry reddish pinks are always a staple for spring tones on the lips, because they’re bold yet fresh. You can also choose between liquid lips, standard lipstick or gloss too.


Yep, bye black liquid liner 👋🏽 lol, just kidding. If you love your black liner, keep rockin it girl. But, both brown and white are super popular this year! Brown, because it’s like a more natural version of black, and white because it’s a natural bold/ editorial look. You’re able to have fun without feeling like you stand out so much, and can wear it with any eyeshadow.


Yes, Euphoria definitely started this year off right with the embellishment (rhinestone) trend. This is again, another way to have fun and do something different and naturally bold without sticking out in the grocery store like a sore thumb. My biggest ask with using rhinestones is that you use glue that is face and eye safe. Honestly, lash glue works like a charm for this for that very reason and hello, if it keeps the strip lashes on all day, it’ll keep the rhinestone on for a good portion of the day too. Along with this, keep in mind that especially on the face, if you have a full face of product on your skin, sometimes the rhinestone won’t adhere the best. It does work the best on clean skin, or you can always put them on or around the eye area where there’s less makeup on.



I don’t see the undone hair trend leaving anytime soon honestly. And we’re actually amping it up a notch this year by combining both your standard beach waver (or your three barrel iron) and your curling iron. I did this a few times last year and the texture it gave was insane in all the best ways.


I love this trend and have worn this to work a couple times! This is a great greasy hair style too, but when you still want to wear your hair down since your front hairline is all tucked away in a braid. You can either braid the tendrils on both sides of your part if you have a middle part, or you can rock it on the side of less hair of your part too which is what I normally do since my part is a little off center.


Pretty much dressing up your messy bun? Yup. Exactly- or your messy pony or braid. This is like giving your undone boho hair a little more structure to it so people really do realize it’s meant to be that messy which we know I need that lol.


I have truly always loved pearls! They’re so simple, yet dressy, vintage, and modern all at the same time! You can incorporate them in your hair by using clips or hair pins. Dressing up your messy braid, pony or bun again will help it look like our lives are more together than what they actually may be.


This one I may be the most excited for. I have really grown to appreciate lively and full straight hair. There are a couple ways you can achieve this too- either just with your flat iron, or a large curling iron, or there are blowout stylers that are meant exactly for this that will help you get that bouncy, salon blowout at home.


The tendrils are big this spring as we can tell! Thick tendrils with your up style are fun and different. If you have curtain bangs too, this would be a great way to accentuate them, as curtain fringe is still large and in charge this spring.

Shop any of the products I mentioned either by clicking on the link or viewing it all here!

Thanks so much for reading!💕 I love being able to talk all things beauty with you guys and am having so much fun with it. Thanks for letting me bug you a couple times a week to read about what I have to say.

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Until next time. XO’s💋

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