How to See Actual Hair Growth Results

Do you feel like you’ve tried practically everything to get your hair to grow and you’ve just had no luck? I feel ya girl. My slow growing, hard to grow hair has been stuck in the same length for literally years- like we’re talking about 10 years at this point.

I’m here today to give you some crucial hair growth tips that will help you actually see results not just in your length, but the entire health of your hair as a whole.

The key to healthy hair starts with your healthy hair habits you implement at home! When I chose to switch products lines in the fall, my hair has become incredibly healthy to the point that I finally have been able to see hair growth- when like I previously mentioned I dealt with severe breakage for years!

Limit your full lightening appointments

If you love to be a high impact blonde girl, I get it! Most stylists, myself included, offer partial or mini touch up services, where your roots are touched up where they need to be, but not necessarily your whole head is lightened every single service. I can normally get most of my blondes to at least switch off every other appointment for this, and some can go even longer.

Get a deep conditioning treatment every color service

Deep conditioning treatments are great, because they repair and nourish hair from inside of the strand and work it’s way outside. Our standard shampoo and conditioner cannot do that for us. With the money you save during your partial touch ups, you can put towards adding these on at your appointment too.

Invest in a conditioning mask for at home

Conditioning masks at home help to keep your hair properly hydrated and strong. I’m not gonna go into full detail all on the benefits of an at home hair mask because I actually have a blog post where I go all into the differences between a deep conditioning treatment and conditioning masks you use at home, so I’ll link that for ya here.

Get trims frequently

I know to some this seems counterproductive , but keeping your dead ends maintained helps them grow thicker, faster and a lot healthier. The longer you go in between your trims, your ends will split, and the split end raises more and more and more the longer it goes without getting cut off, and there’s no product that will permanently mend split ends back together.

Heat protectant

Heat protectant is vital to anyone that uses heat on their hair, as the heat from your hot tools definitely can and will fry and burn your hair if it’s not properly taken care of beforehand. Most oils these days work just fine as a heat protectant which is what I normally recommend to most, because it also hydrates your hair in the same setting.

Limit the amount of heat you use on your hair

Along with heat protectant, just all in all limiting the heat on your hair will do it wonders. Whether you only put heat on it a couple times a week, or use the lowest heat you can on your hair, anything helps!

Refrain from tight ponytail holders and messy buns

Ponytail holders can cause so much breakage! If you wear your hair up a lot and notice your top and your bottom layer of hair has some breakage, this may definitely be why. Invisibobbles and scrunchies are an amazing alternative. And I know, I love messy buns as much as the next one. But think about how much we pull out hair as we wrap our hair around multiple hair ties, it’s really rough on our hair, and that’s why when you take your messy buns out, your hair feels like crap. If you do have to do a bun, at least douse your hair in oil before you do as a protective shield and give it some nourishment.

Switch to satin pillowcases

Along with breakage, cotton pillowcases are also really rough on our hair. They don’t give a lot of slip, and since we naturally toss and turn in our sleep, the friction can cause breakage. Along with this, cotton absorbs so much more moisture out of your hair than satin ones do. Satin pillowcases not only help your hair lay better but it results in healthier hair.

Hope you learn something new to try at home!

Here’s the thing with hair: we have to get to a point where we know and understand our own hair for what it is. I could be doing the exact same haircare regimen as a girl beside me, and we would still see different results. Everyone has that one length where their hair has a hard time growing past. For some, it’s a longer length than others. It’s all has to do with out hairs natural growth cycle.

Also understand too that the older you get and the more your hormones change can have an impact on how fast our hair grows too. So try not to compare your hair to how it was years ago, because your hormones have possibly changed since which has a huge impact on hair.

I’m not saying give it all up and throw in the towel, I’m just trying to help you understand maybe why your hair isn’t budging past that awkward medium length. That also doesn’t mean to not properly care for your hair either. Even if you’re struggling with growth, still try these tricks at home, because your hair can definitely break and shorten more than where its already at just due to lack of proper care.

Don’t be as focused as having long hair as you are about simply wanting healthy hair. When you have good health, the growth will come.

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Good luck on your hair journey! Trust me when I say I know it’s not easy, but the better health of your hair is always worth it💕

Until next time! XO’s💋