How to Achieve + Maintain Shiny, Glossy Hair

Some of us are able to keep up on glossy hair easier than others. Some reason goes into which hair type you are, some has to do with your chemical history, some can be genetic, and some can be lifestyle. While it is harder for some to keep shiny hair than others, here are some tips I do at home, along with advising my clients to do too.

You’re going to hear me talk about keeping your cuticle closed down a lot in this post, so I wanted to let you know really quick the benefits to a closed cuticle! Your cuticle is the outermost layer of your hair. Keeping this layer closed down keeps moisture locked in, which results in healthier, stronger hair. This makes the hair thrive, which in turn results in that SHINE we all kill for😍

Healthy hair that’s well nourished and hydrated will have a nice glow to it. Using quality shampoo and conditioner, protecting your hair from heat, getting deep conditioning treatments when needed, keeping up on your trims, etc. are some easy things you can do to give your hair bounce and shine.

Product buildup is extremely common, and there comes a point in everyone’s hair where your standard shampoo won’t totally detox all of it out. Clarifying shampoos, like Oblivion from R+Co is great to remove excess buildup, and give your hair sort of a blank canvas. Some can pull out color a little bit, so just do research and if that’s a big deal to you, make sure to opt for a color safe option. I typically recommend clarifying your hair every few washes. You can also opt for a clarifying treatment too if you’d prefer. Acid Wash from R+Co helps detox your scalp which takes away the dry and itchy feeling, gives so much shine, and gives a blank canvas to the hair for optimum results. Shop Oblivion + Acid Wash here.

This goes hand in hand with clarifying. If you don’t have a clarifying shampoo, I at least urge your to try shampooing twice- especially if you’re a weekly or bi- weekly shampooer. This won’t remove buildup as much as a clarifying shampoo will, but it will at least help remove the oil, dirt, impurities, and product and allow your scalp to then fully cleanse. When you shampoo just once with a lot of buildup, you’re just removing that layer of dirt, you’re not fully cleansing your scalp. And that also may be why you feel the need to wash your hair more than what’s recommended as well.

My favorite shampoo dedicated to shine deposit and brightening is Sunset BLVD by R+Co. It’s so ideal for blondes especially too!

This is something I get asked frequently. Rinsing hair in cool water helps to close and seal your cuticle, which results in shine, yes. But it’s one of those habits that definitely helps, but I don’t think it’s the ‘end all be all’ of things you can do to keep your hair shiny. It works, but it’s not necessarily long lasting.

Did you know that most stylists these days carry a line of gloss colors? These a lot of the time are toners for blondes, balayages, brunettes, etc., or Demi-permanent colors. Talk to your stylist and see if you are able to get a gloss color done, or a clear glossing treatment! These last for 6-8 weeks most of the time depending on how often you shampoo your hair.

Shine masks and treatments are great, because they close down your cuticle which makes your hair sleek, smooth, healthy, and glossy. Using at home glossing masks can also help you have salon quality hair at home!

Boar bristle brushes are great for many reasons, but one of the things they do are distributing the natural oil that’s on your scalp through the ends of your hair- which results in soft, shiny locks. Because of this, they’re also great for those who struggle with oily scalps and dry ends as well as they can help distribute the oil a little more evenly!

Air drying your hair and letting it go naturally is extremely healthy for your hair, but it’s a little less likely to achieve smooth, sleek results compared to blowing out and flat ironing your hair. Now do I recommend doing a blowout and full iron on your hair 7 days a week? No, absolutely not! But, as long as you’re using high quality products that will keep your hair healthy and protected from heat, it’s totally okay to incorporate a blowout in your routine a few times a week. That is what will get you the smoothest, shiniest result.

My favorite flat iron that’s affordable, super high quality and keeps my hair sleek and shiny is here

Incorporating a round brush into your blowout will give more shine as well, because of the tension of the tight bristles. These close down the cuticle which makes the hair super smooth and results in sleek, shiny tresses. A blowout balm is also a great option because it’s formulated to help in the smoothing process and some have thermal protection in it as well and you cannot have too much heat protectant in your hair either. My go to that has all of these is Park Ave by R+Co.

Along with blow drying, finishing your blowout in the cool setting will not only lock the style in, it’ll also close down the cuticle even more, which like rinsing in cool water would do, can help provide more glow. Again, this is not a ‘do this one trick and it’ll help save your hair forever’ but it definitely can help.

Just like our body needs vitamins to keep it strong and healthy, our hair needs vitamins too! They’re the building blocks to strong and shiny tresses. You can get actual supplements for your hair, or you can research into good leave in conditioners that have the proper vitamins out hair needs. Personally, I am not the best at remembering to take supplements daily, so this is a better option for me, and may be for some of you guys too.

If you know me, you probably could tell this one was coming lol. I, along with many other stylists know what the short term and long term benefits to using a good hair oil is. Oil keeps our hair soft, moisturized, smooth and gives off a sheen to it as well. It’s a perfect and staple product I think all of us should have in our hair routine.

And of course, you have to finish with a good shine spray. Shine sprays come in different formulas so it’s up to you to determine what you want best. Some come in a sheen type of overlay and that’s totally fine, but sometimes they kinda weigh the hair down. I love a more weightless, glow from within vibe. My absolute favorite is Kevin Murphy’s SHIMMER.SHINE or SHIMMER ME.BLONDE, but since Kevin Murphy doesn’t outsell to retailers or on their website, you can only get genuine Kevin Murphy products in salons. If you’re local, stop by the salon sometime to pick it up and if you’re not local, let me know! We can set something up to get it sent to you!