My R+Co Must Grabs

If you’re a client of mine, you know one of the lines that’s carried at the salon that I use is R+Co. It’s one of my favorite lines I carry and use, and has SO many versatile high quality products, and truly has something for every hair type. I get asked in person and in messages all the time what are my top picks from the brand, so we’re going over my full run down of my go to products from the brand today.

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Dallas shampoo + conditioner is perfect for those with fine, limp hair. It’s formulated with biotin and pro vitamin B5 to add strength and hydration, along with coconut oil to add extra conditioning and shine.

Television shampoo + conditioner is my, along with a lot of my clients’ jam. It packs a punch of shine and hydration for my girlies with fine hair. For those who feel they have normal hair- so hair that’s not super dry or super oily or super flat, this is for you. Something that gives a little bit of everything and truly gives you that perfect hair.

R+Co takes pride in having FOUR different dry shampoos, and I don’t blame them either. They have some for all hair types and all washing regimens. Spiritualized is their dry shampoo mist that’s actually liquid. We’re use to that normal aerosol spray or the occasional powder, and although they have both of those they also have two different innovative formulations. Spiritualized is great for the everyday- every other day shampooers. I also recommend it to all my girlies who work out or run a lot, and need a good pick me up without having to do a full shampoo every time after a workout.

My absolute favorite moisture lotion for finer, thinner hair is Waterfall. It’s perfect on wet or dry hair and is the staple for soft locks to keep them soft, shiny and tangle free.

If you struggle with fine, limp hair and need some texture and volume, I love Rodeo Star Thickening Foam. I’m not a huge foam or mousse girl, but this is the only one I like to use on my clients for that big, Texas inspired hair.

Atlantis Moisturizing B5 is good for thick, coarse, or mega dry hair. B5 penetrates the hair and gives intense hydration, and is also formulated with glycerin which helps the hair retain moisture.

For all my girlies struggling with super coarse, dry, unmanageable hair, Bel-Air is the line for you. It has artichoke extract what helps revitalize dry, damaged hair, along with broccoli seed oil which conditions the hair and helps leave it smooth and glossy.

Along the same lines of those with coarse, dry, unmanageable hair, High Dive is an amazing and nourishing moisture + shine cream. It’s formulated with vitamin E which conditions and protects the hair.

Two great dry shampoos for those with dense, thick hair are Badlands – which is a paste and Skyline- which is a powder and both are amazing! A little goes such a long way and they soak up all the oil for us once a week washers.

Sunset BLVD is mainly geared to blondes, but can be used on all color treated hair types. It’s a brightening shampoo and conditioner, meaning it gives shine and bounce into dull, ‘blah’ feeling hair and can give a slight toning to brassy blondes as well. It has panthenol in it, which is such a great ingredient for giving body and luster back into the hair.

Gemstone is for those who love their color and want to preserve it. My clients with colored hair love gemstone, because it has their signature chromohance complex in it which provides long lasting color retention. It also enhances your color, gives a ton of shine and vibrancy.

You can never go long with a good detangler, and that’s what Pinstripe is for. It weightlessly conditions and hydrates, and adds shine.

If you are a ride or die aerosol dry shampoo lover at heart, Death Valley will be your girl. This is one of the very few aerosol dry shampoos I use that truly feel absorb the oil without any leftover residue, no white cast, no powdery feel, along with the volume and fresh day feel we all need.

Although we’re all pumped about the summer around the corner, there’s no denying that humidity is sneaking up on us too so we need to be prepared. Moon Landing anti humidity spray is the perfect final spray that helps to calm frizz, repel moisture, and keep hairstyles intact,

And for my babes that need frizz and static control too, Foil has you covered. Its anti static agent provides intense shine, body and flyaway control.

R+Co has two great smoothing oils- Tinsel and Two Way Mirror. They both can be applied on wet or dry hair, and give back soft, shiny locks.

You guys know textured waves are my jam- and two staple products for them are Balloon and Trophy. Balloon is a dry volume spray that gives the finest hair some texture and lift, and is also a great prep spray for curls. Trophy is one of my all time favorite texture sprays that give weightless body, touchable hold, and leaves so much shine behind.

Now on to probably one of my most favorite lines of R+Co- their treatments. I think they really nailed the whole at home treatment line- for your hair and scalp.

If you struggle with sensitive or oily scalps, Crown scalp scrub is the way to go. It purifies, re-balances, and detoxifies without leaving the hair overly stripped. The salicylic acid minimizes buildup, the natural exfoliants are gentle yet effective, and kaolin, a natural occurring clay absorbs excess oil, and promotes scalp health.

Oh Acid Wash. This guy saved me this winter. I’ve never struggled with a dry scalp until this year, and it really kicked my butt. This can be used regularly for strength or just as needed for rebalancing. Those who apply dry shampoo on their hair regularly should make sure you’re properly removing scalp buildup from your hair, and acid wash detoxifies without stripping color or natural oil. Its formula helps the scalp and hair retain moisture, soothes the scalp and encourages a healthy environment for the scalp too.

Palm Springs Pre Shampoo Treatment Mask is for those with dull, dry, and blah hair. Applying it 20-30 minutes before shampooing for the most optimum results, or let it sit on the hair 3-5 minutes after shampooing. It’s designed for heat stylers and color lovers, and is perfect for blondes! It’s formulated with oils, butters, extracts, and amino acids that give your hair the perfect recharge, nourishment, strength, and soft, shiny locks.

And last but not least, we have Television Perfect Hair Mask. This is for all of us with dry, over processed, hair that only needs to sit on the hair for 2-5 minutes. The formula has a number of butters and oils that help improve manageability and give that selfie ready hair.

You see what I mean? There’s literally something for everyone. They also have the cutest merch and accessories too!

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