HelloBody Review

Around last summer, I started taking my skincare very seriously. I felt that my skin was a hot mess to say the least and I was ready to start taking better care of it. I was mainly just using face wash and moisturizer, with the occasional mask every once in a while, and I was to the point where I felt like I needed more. and it’s been so beneficial for my skin! I get the occasional breakout, and have dark under eye circles that will probably never go away, but I’ve accepted that.

A few months ago, I discovered HelloBody. It’s an eco friendly and environmentally conscious brand which I really appreciate. They have a huge variety of skincare products, so it’s really easy to find something for you. Their percentage of natural ingredients in their skincare averages at about 98%, and when you’re on the site shopping, it’ll give the exact percentage for each product.

They also take pride in using sustainable product packaging, with 100% recyclable plastic cosmetic packaging and shipping all their products in 100% recyclable boxes.

What I love about HelloBody is that they have premade skincare sets, or you can do your own, where you save a lot of money that way! I chose to customize my own and I’m gonna give a little run down of all that I got, a little about each product and my personal opinion.

Hello Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads was what I was probably most excited for. I use and waste a lot of disposable cotton rounds in my skincare, and had been looking into reusable ones for a while. They’re 80% bamboo, 20% cotton, and come in a pack of 10. They’re 100% natural, environmentally friendly, and reusable. I

love them for the fact that they’re super soft on my skin, easy to wash, they’re so much larger in shape than the traditional cotton rounds and the product doesn’t seep through to the other side so I’m able to get a lot of use out of just 1 pad. When I don’t have makeup on, I only use one for my toners and such but if I do have makeup to take off, I’ll use 2. But I was going through 3-4 every time I did my skincare before, so it’s a huge difference!

Coco Kiss Lip Scrub is an exfoliator for your lips that’s based on organic sugar grains. It eliminates dead skin, contains Shea butter which is super smoothing, and also has organic rosehip oil which promotes elasticity in your lips (keeps them plump and supple.) this keeps my lips super soft, tastes good (don’t even come at me saying you’ve never accidentally tasted your lip products)and I love this because I only have to use it maybe 3 times a week. Most scrubs I’m having to use everyday, but the staying power of this scrub is noticeably longer.

Aloe Drops Daily Face Glow Booster was what I was also most excited for. This lightweight serum-in-oil can be mixed or applied on top or underneath your moisturizer. It’s formulated with plant derived squalene which promotes hydration. It also contains watermelon seed oil and aloe Vera. This is SO hydrating, and gives my skin an all day glow.

I can use it when I’m not wearing makeup, and when I am wearing makeup- but since it is a serum/ oil, I’d advise to give your skin some time to let it sink in a little bit before you put your makeup on to make sure it applies correctly. Since I have combination oily skin I have had a harder time finding a good serum they doesn’t clog my pores, but this keeps them clean and doesn’t break me out- oh and it smells super fresh and amazing too.

And last but not least, their Coco Melt Makeup Remover Balm. This is to be the first step of removing your makeup before washing your face, and it does a good job of getting makeup off. It’s formulated with coconut and sweet almond oil which nourishes your skin, and has a fresh coconut scent. I say fresh, because it’s not screaming coconut like sunscreen and suntan oil can sometimes lol.

I stopped using makeup wipes about 2 months ago because I felt like it was tearing my skin apart, and this actually removes more makeup than the wipes do and is noticeably gentler on my skin. A pro tip before using this though, is to wet your skin first, and when you scoop out maybe between like a quarter- half dollar size amount, rub it in between your fingers first to allow the product to melt a little first.

Altogether, I really love this brand. I love their eco friendly morals, I love that it’s an environmentally conscious line that’s also affordable, and they have products that actually work. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of their goodies and share them with you guys!

You can purchase HelloBody with my affiliate link here, and receive 30% off, or use the discount code HELLO31 at checkout. You can also get free shipping on all orders over $50 💕

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