Caring for Color Treated Hair

Odds are if you’re reading this, you’ve already colored your hair, or you’re at least thinking of it, and I’m so here for it! Coloring your hair has so many benefits to you- it changes your look, gives you confidence, and can enhance your features.

Something to keep in mind though when coloring your hair is that especially if you originally had uncolored (in the hair world we call it virgin) hair is that coloring your hair chemically alters it. It doesn’t mean it’s trashed for life as some may think, but it does change the texture, porosity, and condition of the hair. Your curls may not be naturally as bouncy, your hair may tangle easier, it may not be as shiny, and that’s okay- it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s damaged, it just means the chemical state of it was altered so the appearance and feel of it changes. It’s up to you to care for it properly at home to keep it shiny, healthy, and silky like our virgin hair was, and that may involve more effort than you had to put in it before.

Let’s start in the shower- shampoo and conditioner can make or break your hair. Opting for a color safe and hydrating brand is best. The thing with colored hair too is this- color will fade. There’s nothing around it, but the better you care for it at home, the longer it’ll take for it to fade. This is why color safe shampoos and conditioners are always recommended.

Your hair can make it a little more drier than it previously was so it’s best to make sure you’re nourishing it properly. R+Co Gemstone shampoo and conditioner is one of my favorites, because it’s formulated with a chrominance technology: which in turn gives long lasting color retention. It gives insane shine, vibrancy, and keeps color bright and luminous for 10 washes.

Post shower on your towel dried hair, is the perfect opportunity to start adding extra hydration in your hair. A leave in conditioner and/ or moisture cream is highly recommended. INCOMMON Magic Myst is a universal elixr that is like vitamins for your hair, protects it from heat, gives intense hydration, shine, and softness. It’s formulated for all hair types and a little goes a long way.

My two favorite moisture creams are from R+co. Waterfall is for finer or long hair types and is considered a lotion, so a more runnier consistency. This packs in the shine and hydration, and can also be used on dry hair to tame fly aways or further moisturize your ends.

High Dive is a moisture and shine cream that also doubles as a leave in conditioner. This is formulated for those with thicker hair that smooths and seals the hair, along with drowning out frizz.

Let’s talk about oil too. It’ll keep your dry hair protected from heat, give it more shine and bounce, and keep it soft. OLAPLEX No.7 is one of my favorite oils to use because it helps repair damaged, compromised hair, protects and strengthens the hair structure, and restores healthy appearance and texture. It’s good to use on wet or dry hair, and (my personal favorite,) provides heat protection up to 450 degrees so it kills two birds with one stone. I’ve also been trying the new Ghost Oil from VERB that I’ve been loving. It’s clear in tone, has moringa oil in it and is great at giving your hair bouncy shine!

Caring for color treated hair isn’t hard, as long as you have an idea what to do and what products to use! Shop some of my favorite products or color treated hair below⚡️




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