Beach Wave Series | Creating Texture

Onto part 2 on my beach wave series! Creating texture with the right product is key to the beachy look. The right products can also help you extend your look so you’re only giving it a full style once, maybe twice a week depending on your shampoo routine.

I always recommend everyone prep your hair because it gives the hair volume and texture before you even start to curl it. Prepping with a spray of any sort can also give the hair something to hold onto, so it will wave much better. Dry shampoos, dry powder sprays, or light hold hair sprays are the best for this in my opinion.

Pro tip: if you do choose to prep with a wet hairspray, make sure it’s completely dry in your hair before you put your iron on it to prevent frying.

After curling all over, the way you finish your hair is very important, but it’s also up to you with how you choose to finish. Finishing products for beachy waves can vary between dry powder sprays, texture sprays that typically have a mix of powder and waxes, or waxy pomade clays.

I normally say the more powder the product has, the more ‘softer’ of a finish you get with light hold. The more wax the product has, the more messy the finish is with a little more hold.

Here are some more hacks for creating texture:

  • Beachy waves look the best on 2nd day hair
  • If you struggle with flat, fine hair and keeping curls, using a volumizing spray or foam on towel dried hair after the shower and blow drying it in helps
  • Focus your prep spray toward the top of your hair for volume and mids, and your finishing product on your mid- ends

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