Affordable Apartment Decor

Hey lovely! Today we’re talking all apartment decor which I’m SO excited for!! I went on my IG stories the other day which… side note if you’re not following me on Instagram, come say hi over here- but anyway yeah I was asking you guys what you wanted to see on the blog more of and SO many of you guys asked for more lifestyle/ home stuff which kinda surprised me! But since moving out earlier this summer it’s been more of my focus at times than hair and makeup honestly.

Jon and I live in a decently sized one bedroom apartment with Endigo, our 70 pound golden doodle. So we have to be pretty smart about space. Even though I could buy out all of Home Goods and Target half the time if I really wanted to, we have to be kinda smart about our decor choices to make sure it not only makes sense in our place but doesn’t take up too much room. I feel like we’ve done a pretty good job at doing so, so I’m going to share with you guys a couple of our favorite pieces of our mini home!

Fake plants are all the rage for us. Not only do I not have a green thumb to keep a living plant alive, but Digo gets into plants and dirt like clockwork so we’d be asking for a constant mess if we had real. Hands down my favorite place to get fake plants is Target. They have all sizes that can be prices as low as $3-$5! Hobby Lobby has great fake plants too and almost always have a sale on something there.

Letter boards and chalkboards add so much character to your home! I absolutely love both. I’m not going to go into much detail about our chalkboard today because I plan to talk more about it in a separate post soon, but we use it for our little bar. The letter board we currently have is actually our second one. Our first was a little bigger and black, but Digo broke it from running around he made it fall one too many times lol.

You don’t have to hang either of them up either. If you find a spot it can just be leaning on in your space, go for it! Our chalkboard still is just leaning on the wall, but we did have to hang up the second letter board we got because it was too small and honestly since Digo kept knocking the old one down I kinda wanted to this one. We’re lucky our place is pretty cool with holes in the wall- we’ll just have to patch them back up come move out time.

Throw pillow covers– yes you heard me! So this was a trick I found upon mistake last Christmas. I ordered what I thought were decorative pillows on amazon, but they turned out just being the covers. And though it was kinda annoying at first because I had to scramble to find plain pillows, it’s actually my favorite mistake I’ve made, because now it’s so easy and saves SO much space to change your pillows in your space. The checkered and the blue pillows are both covers, that are over the same pair of pillows. It also saves a ton of money because you probably know pillows can be pricey too! Amazon is my way to go for these guys.

Baskets and bins are not only cute, but one of my biggest organizational tips too for decorating. Having clutter baskets in highly messy areas of your home are so convenient. I feel like I not only find my stuff easier, but it also looks a lot neater and cuter too than just your traditional plastic storage bin. I use baskets for our blankets, for Digo’s stuff, our remotes, the mail, and fruit. And it seriously maximizes room in your place so much.

Thanks for reading along! I have all of my favorite organizational decor linked here! What are your favorite ways to style your apartment?