Tips for Maskne

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With the majority of us having to navigate the world in face masks or coverings of some sort for the unforeseen future, I know my skin has kinda taken a beating with it. I have combination skin, so it gets pretty oily and easily clogged in the summer already, so throw a face mask over it and it’s game over for me over here 🙅🏾‍♀️

I know a lot of my friends and coworkers have been feeling the same lately too. Being a hairstylist, I’m keeping my mask on for some days 10-11 hours a day while moving around all the time so my skin has seen better seasons to say the least!

After doing some research and some trial and error on my own, I think I’ve found what seems to be working for my skin (for now) to prevent and treat the maskne (mask acne.) I’m by no means a skin professional, dermatologist, etc. I’m just sharing what seems to have been working for me lately and I’m hoping if you try some of these tips out they’ll work for you too!

Cosmetically I’ve been keeping my makeup to none at all on the weekends (which I normally am that way anyway for the most part) and minimally through the week. Since I work in the beauty industry, I do have the obligation to “look the part,” and I have definitely shifted that look for me not just for mask purposes but even as I’ve gotten older, I keep my looks pretty minimal already these days.

Some things I have found that help is using mattifying primers, or a makeup primer of some sort to provide a buffer/ shield between your makeup and your skin. Most days I’m just doing spot concealing for my base, but if it is a day I need to wear a full face of makeup, I’m keeping it with non comedogenic (non pore clogging,) and going for more skin veils or bb creams than full coverage foundations.

To keep my mask as sanitary as I can and to prevent breakouts around my lips, I’ve been refraining from lipstick. It sucks because I love a glossy nude lip, but for obvious reasons, no one is going to see it anyway so there’s no big point really.

Skincare changes are where I think I’ve seen the most change in my skin. I’ve been using a gentle cleanser in the morning to wash off the oil produced from the previous night, then following up with a treatment based cleanser at night. The two I’ve been switching back and forth between are the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap- Oily Skin Formula and the Cerave Salicylic Acid Cleanser, and both have done great jobs of controlling my oil and clearing up my skin. You don’t need both, I just wanted to try a couple to give you guys options!

I’ve been also being sure to exfoliate every other night, and use a treatment serum nightly as well to cater to the acne scars that seem to stay on for dear life after clearing up. The Overnight Exfoliating Treatment by Good Molecules is an absolute god send. This keeps my skin smooth and bright, along with keeping my oil controlled. Also by Good Molecules, their new Discoloration Serum has been so helpful in keeping the scarring controlled.

Lifestyle shifts I have made have been washing my masks very frequently with low fragrant soaps. I personally just hand wash mine with dawn dish soap but I haven’t found a fragrance free dish soap option yet, but I like using Dawn because fragrance isn’t very high on the ingredient list, meaning there isn’t a ton formulated in the soap, but I can tell it’s been thoroughly clean.

Another is that I’ve been trying to let my skin breathe as much as I can, but more importantly as safely as I can. Here in Ohio, there’s a statewide mask mandate so I have to be covered anytime I leave my home, but when I am at home or in my car by myself I try to let my skin and pores have a break.

I hope some of these tips help you out! Stay safe out there💕