DIY Gallery Wall for Home Renters

I’m so excited for this post, because this was my first big (kinda big lol) home project that I’ve done and it was a success! Jon and I were taking a while trying to figure out what to put on this main living room wall and couldn’t really find anything we liked. He really wanted a cool piece of artwork to fill the space, so when I proposed the idea to do a gallery wall I wasn’t really sure if he’d be up for it but I was thrilled when he was!

I personally wanted ours to be a mix of artwork/ decor and pictures and hung up organized but not super neatly. I am currently a major fan of both industrial and minimalistic style, and I feel like the gallery wall definitely leans on the minimalistic side. I wanted our wall to be neutral so it would always look nice all 4 seasons and decor changes so I stuck with black and white with pops of tan, greenery and olive.

So starting with the posters, I got these printed off in 13×9” , and I just threw a black and white filter over them before I sent them in. I paired them with black 13×9” poster frames. I hung them up with commend strips, which when I tell you they’re a must have for home renters! They’re so simple to use and put no holes, dents or scratches on the wall!

The artwork was all created by me. I just looked up some minimalistic artwork and found the ones I liked and made sure to use my color scheme in them. I got two 8×10” canvases and one 11×14,” and these are also hung up with command strips too.

The floating shelf is the only thing we had to drill a hole into. They’re from Target, and I believe also come in dark brown or black as well. On top of that, I’m so glad we found an hourglass to go with and this small gold fixture! We have a larger gold fixture on the other side of the living room which helps tie the room together.

The gold wreath and hanging plant are both also from Target, and hung with command hooks. Command really is such a lifesaver for home renters with their easy, hole free products! They’re super easy to use too which is a double gold star in my book.

I also did a mini DIY photo project where I used a cork board, printed off 4×4 photos in all black and white to make sure they all matched okay, and hung them up with thumbtacks. Seriously one of the most easy diy photo projects you could do that’s such a cool and different way to hang up photos- I love the more vintage vibe it gave with doing Polaroid style pictures in all black and white to flow with my wanted theme.

I came up with inspiration for our gallery wall a few different ways. For one, I figured out the vibe I wanted. I learned that I really love the minimalistic trend, especially for this apartment specifically. I’m also a fake plant lover, so I knew I had to throw some greenery on there. I looove photos too, and love having them throughout my home, because of the cozy vibe and character it gives. Once I had everything for the wall, I mapped out a few different ways to possibly hang everything and since I’m such a visual person, the sketches helped me then pick the final layout, which is what’s on the wall now!

I hope you’re able to take a swing at these renter friendly ways of hanging stuff up on your wall! If you do, be sure to tag me on Instagram- I love to see your recreations and inspirations!