Our Socially Distanced Vacation in Northern Michigan

Northern Michigan is one of the most beautiful, yet underrated places in my opinion. I was chatting with our neighbor about our trip and we were saying how lucky we are as Ohioans living so close to the Great Lakes too.

Jon and I were more than ready for a vacation this year, as I am sure you have been feeling the same at least at some point of this year. We hadn’t taken more than just a long weekend away together either, and that was just to Fort Wayne for me to take a hair color class so it was still work related.

Even before corona hit, northern Michigan was one of the top places on our list to go to. We took a break from looking into places to visit, and in all honesty I was pretty convinced a vacation for us this year would’ve been out of the picture. But when the numbers of cases started to calm down the first time back in June, we decided there was no hurt in trying.

We decided to go with an Airbnb for financial reasons, social distancing reasons, and the convenience factor of it honestly. One of the things I loved especially during this time, was Airbnb had sections for the hosts to include in their rental descriptions what they were doing themselves to keep their visitors safe and I really appreciated that. I kept saying to Jon that if we go on vacation, I wanted to go the right and safe way, and didn’t want to harm ourselves or anyone else to the most of our abilities and he agreed.

We went with the Green Buoy Resort for a few reasons. One being that it was across the street from the lake and about 5-10 minutes away from the beach, two that our host had fabulous ratings on hospitality, cleanliness, and was actually doing a 48 hour decontamination period between visits (that one really sold me) and three was that it was in a small town. Since COVID updates are literally still changing by the hour, even though we only booked it about 6 weeks out, we weren’t sure what life would look like for us come vacation time and for me, the smaller the town the more better off we would be just to be on the safe side. We also were allowed a 48 hour cancellation too, which during these uncertain times was important for us. Plus I mean- come on, can we talk about how cute this cottage was?

Our host was amazing. She made us feel very safe, welcome, and had great communication. Some of the amenities with the cottage was a coffee maker, grill, in ground pool, free WiFi, smart tv, card games, and she gave a full travel guide to the area with recommendations between food, drink, beach, hiking, emergency, and everything in between.
The only con to it was there wasn’t air conditioning, but we were able to make it work, because the cottage had plenty of windows that could open up, and she had I believe 3 fans in there so we really didn’t have that hard of a time with it.

Day One

We got to Onekama around 4:30. Since we were a little tired from traveling we walked around town not too long after we got settled in and went to a mini beach for a quick swing session (Jon and I both low key love to swing lol) and we wrapped up the first night with some drinks and playing uno. We both also didn’t realize until after the second or third game that we were playing it completely wrong and had to change how we were playing it lol.

Day Two

We woke up to a beautiful morning and had coffee together outside which was so relaxing in a pleasantly surprising way. Watching the sun rise and knowing you have nothing on your plate for the day but to relax and enjoy yourself is a wholesome feeling let me tell ya! Jon went fishing at the pier, and I accompanied him with some mimosas and triscuts. Even though I don’t necessarily get into fishing, I can sit out there by him all day as long as the weather is good and I have a good drink in my hand🍹

We came back to the cottage and hung out by the pool at our mini resort. I loved it because our host had so many different floaties to choose from- one of them in particular was literally like a chair. I’m not one who falls asleep in the pool but I definitely dozed off- and if you know Jon you know very well that man was snoring in it lol. I remember as I was laying in the pool just feeling the overwhelming feeling of relaxation and I feel so old by saying that but I’m not kidding you guys when I say that it’s so real! We came in and took ourselves a little post pool time siesta😍

On the nights dinner menu: brats😍 thank goodness for the grill because chef Jon really hooked us up! I do love me just about anything on the grill, but brats I truly never get sick of! We ended this night with some hanging out together and drinks too.

Day Three

It’s beach day! Day three was probably my favorite day well- I mean they were all my favorite I just love being out by the beach lol. We also had the beach literally all to ourselves our first like hour or so we were down there. It felt odd right at first but we got use to it really quickly and loved it. The lake was pretty warm for Lake Michigan too. I’m kinda a baby when it comes to not wanting to get in cold water (I’m so much more of a floatie or poolside girl) but somehow Jon was able to get me in and it wasn’t that bad at all! We stayed out there for around 2-3 hours, then went back to the cottage so I could get ready while Jon grilled literally the best hamburgers!

After dinner we set out to the Northern Natural Winery. And again, we were the only ones there for the first 30-45 minutes! Vacationing during a pandemic has its odd perks let me tell ya! I discovered while we were sampling wines that I actually really like Riesling too, so I’m super excited to add that in our wine rotation for home. I will be having a separate post up here soon going all in on the deets of some local attractions soon too so stay tuned for that! Then I had to have us take your typical sunset beach pics- it was the only night we were dressed up and the weather was perfect, besides the fact that the wind was a little extreme but by the lake I feel like that’s pretty common. I did almost lose my hat a few times though in all honesty lol.

Day Four

We started out our last day getting breakfast takeout at the M-22 Grill. When I tell you guys they had some amazing pancakes though! So freaking fluffy and good ugh. We wanted to go hiking this morning and got all ready to do so, well right when we opened the door to leave we heard thunder and felt some rain dropping. We said okay well we need to go check out some gift shops anyway so let’s do that and see how the weather holds up….it was downpour storming as we were walking in the shop so hiking was a bust unfortunately. But we did get some goodies at Macbeth & Co. Which was a boutique and gift shop. We went back to the cottage and by the time the rain passed, we were kinda over wanting to hike so we spent the rest of the day out by the pool.

For our last night we wanted to go a little bigger with dinner, so we went with our go to celebratory dinner- steak. And it may have been one of our best choices we ever made! Dramatic I know, but steaks on the grill literally always win. We took off for some final fishing and sight seeing at the lake the last night, and took the evening time to pack and load the car so we could get up first thing and get back to our baby as soon as we could!

We miss it already and keep saying how it was the best week ever. As much as we missed our dog, it was so nice to take time that was specifically meant for each other. We needed a break from this year, but also had a lot to celebrate from this year too so taking a week away was the perfect way to do that!
I am working on a mini northern Michigan travel guide as this post goes live and can’t wait for you to see it! Thank you for reading along our mini coronacation 🙂

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