OLAPLEX No. 0 – is it worth it?

I’ve been playing around with the newest treatment from OLAPLEX- their No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment and I finally have some well rounded thoughts on it. If you’re not familiar with OLAPLEX, it’s a patented system stylists, including myself, use in the salon, and there is an at home product Line with ingredients featuring its patented technology.

OLAPLEX can repair all types of damage between chemical and color, thermal factors including heat styling, and mechanical stressors including brushing, pulling and tugging of hair. That’s why it works so well for everyone- stylists even use OLAPLEX in its strongest concentration for chemical services to help keep the hair in tact as much as possible.

No. 0 is a tag along to OLAPLEX’s No. 3 Hair Perfector. No. 3 is an at home bonding treatment. Not to be confused with a conditioner, No. 3 visibly reduces breakage and strengthens hair. What No. 0 is suppose to do is prime the hair for maximum absorption of No. 3. No. 0 was inspired by professionals and is formulated with the highest dose of the famous patented OLAPLEX technology that’s in a take home product.

In just one use, No. 0 is scientifically proven to provide 68% repair and 3x more stronger hair when used with No. 3 in its two part system.

How it’s recommend to use is on dry hair before showering- apply No. 0 all over the hair from root to tip. OLAPLEX says there should be anywhere from 3-6 applications in the bottle depending on your hairs length and density. The hair should be fully saturated with the treatment, but not soaking sopping wet. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then layer No. 3 directly over top, and let them both sit for an additional 10 minutes. Afterwards, you’re free to shampoo and condition as you wish!

The application was pretty simple, and even though it’s a water based consistency, it’s not that messy to apply. The layering technique and ‘water’ consistency in hair treatments have become so popular lately, so I wasn’t necessarily surprised when OLAPLEX announced this. I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan of the whole ‘applying with dry hair’ thing at first because I feel like the hair soaks up a large amount of product, which is still true, but I actually do really enjoy it because I can have the downtime the treatment needs to fully penetrate the hair without having to just awkwardly sit and stall in the shower because let’s be real, we all know what that’s like. So it’s really convenient to do your deep treating before even stepping in the shower.

I noticed instant results after my first treatment. I have fine, brittle hair that’s very prone to dryness And breakage. Toward the end of the week before wash day, my ends get pretty dry so I’m having to coat them in oils, serums, leave in conditioners, etc to protect it as much as possible. I knew No. 0 was a game changer when my hair felt soft, strong as ever, and smooth from day one to day 5 of my wash routine. I didn’t have to apply any softening products at all this week. I wash my hair twice a week normally or every 5-6 days and have been using this treatment about every 3 weeks. I feel like I noticed the dryness Coming back at first after 10-12 ish days, the second time 12-14, and now I’m making it around 3 weeks without feeling my dry ends standing out which has been the longest my hair has ever really gone without being dry, and I’m so excited to see how much my hair transforms the longer I use it.

My final thoughts on OLAPLEX No. 0: run, don’t walk to this guy. If you struggle with breakage, dryness, weak or dull hair, you need this. Especially with the winter months coming around and how easily dry everyone’s hair can get this will be a lifesaver.

For a limited time, you can get a value size of OLAPLEX No. 3 with the purchase of No. 0. If you’re local, I supply the entire OLAPLEX line and you can purchase it through me either in the salon or online here. If you’re not local, no worries! You can grab yours here!

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