Thanksgiving Style Guide

What’s your vibe for thanksgiving dinner? I feel like my family use to get more dressed up as I was growing up, but as we’ve gotten older we have definitely slacked up a bit and have gotten more casual- which is more than fine with me! For me personally, the greater half of my extended family lives out of state so we aren’t always able to get together for thanksgiving or Christmas- and as I’m sure you can assume with COVID this year will be no different.

I’ll probably be choosing one of these more casual, cozier fits for this years thanksgiving, but don’t fret! I’ve given outfit guides for every occasion😘 Tap on any of the pieces to shop the looks!

Comfy / Casual
Vintage / Casual
Shackets. Nuff said.
Cozy / Comfy
Floral Dresses
Midi skirt + blouse
Skirt+ sweater+ boots or sneaks

Shop all of these looks by clicking on the captions or going here! Happy thanksgiving💕

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