Being a Blonde in the Summer

Since we’re in the season of going lighter, how to care for your blonde in the summer is a common concern. The sun and chlorine can have big impacts on lightened hair, especially if you’re not sure what to be on the lookout for. Let’s start with the sun. The suns rays can actually damage [...]

The Glowing Guide to Highlighter

If you’re a makeup junkie, you know a true beat isn’t finished unless there’s highlighter. It truly completes the look in my opinion! It gives such a youthful, glowing appearance. I go back and forth personally between loving a high-impact finish or a more natural, “glow from within” look. You can apply highlighter on pretty [...]

HelloBody Review

Around last summer, I started taking my skincare very seriously. I felt that my skin was a hot mess to say the least and I was ready to start taking better care of it. I was mainly just using face wash and moisturizer, with the occasional mask every once in a while, and I was [...]

My R+Co Must Grabs

If you’re a client of mine, you know one of the lines that’s carried at the salon that I use is R+Co. It’s one of my favorite lines I carry and use, and has SO many versatile high quality products, and truly has something for every hair type. I get asked in person and in [...]