The Hair Kit

Doesn’t your hairstylist make it look so easy to choose which quality products to use? You look great and your hair feels great when leave the salon, but when you go to do the same thing yourself at home you’re stumped on where to even start?

Or you’re the one who has a countless amount of hair products, treatments, etc, in your bathroom cabinet that collect dust more than anything else because you just haven’t found what works best for you yet?

I totally sympathize with you, and that’s why I have the perfect solution for you.

The Hair Kit is a premade hair care bundle filled with professional, salon quality products for a bundled price.

Now there are 3 different kits available, with two different sizes. Let’s go through the kits first:

Now, let’s go over the sizes:

STEP ONE: Choose which Hair Kit is perfect for you

STEP TWO: Take the survey for that kit to answer some questions

STEP THREE: I’ll text you an invoice which will include a link to pay online.

STEP FOUR: Once your kit is paid for, you’ll receive an email within 2-3 business days when your kit is ready for pickup, along with the address, days and times it’ll be available!