The Hair Plan

Introducing…. THE HAIR PLAN!

Keeping up on your hair and its needs is not extremely easy for everyone, I totally get that. We all live busy lives and it sneaks up on us that our hair suddenly is dying to be touched up! Or you want to care for your hair the right way, but have no idea where to even begin.

With the current pandemic we are all navigating through as a world, I, along with plenty of other stylists have been making a huge effort in guiding our clients through what products clients need to keep their hair looking and feelings its best, but I truly feel like you guys deserve a dedicated plan for you and your needs no matter what the global situation is- regardless of if salons are shut down or not. And that’s why I created The Hair Plan!

I took a look at my clientele, and generalized how frequent they come in, and this led me to categorize the appointment regimens in 3 groups. This gives you a guide depending on how often you like to get your hair done, what your touch up appointments will look like, and how to stretch your full color appointments to that extent.

For haircare, I took general hair categories along with what my followers and clients told me they struggle with the most through an Instagram poll and came up with a dedicated plan for that hair type. These can definitely be intermixed as well, you can have thick hair but love to style it in beachy waves everyday, or so on!

Notice how NONE of these hair types have an extensive number of products needed to use. As long as you’re using the right thing, there’s no need to have 39 products for your hair!

HOW TO SAVE: these are free and for anyone to use. Download The Hair Plan below, and select the plans that best suit you. Whether it’s just one or five, take what you need! To individually save each hair plan from there, screenshot the specific one and add it to your camera roll and create a separate hair plan album on your phone to make it as easily acessible as possible.


APPOINTMENTS: Determine your typical hair schedule. How often do YOU like to come in? I based these upon how frequent my personal clients typically come back in, and gave them fun names, because I hear so often “I don’t get my hair done enough” or “I’m sorry I’m here all the time” and at the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong time for you to come back in or how long you should wait. We as stylists will have our recommendations, and depending on your desired color will affect how often we suggest you come in for maintenance. But ultimately its up to YOU, and thats the great thing about it.

HAIR CARE: These I named per hair struggle. Think about your hair and what issues you struggle with, and find the plan that’s focused on that. Now for this launch of plans, I only gave product recommendations, I did not want to overwhelm with tools, hacks, and etc. If this is something we like and want me to go into more detail with at a later date, I have no problem expanding on these!

I have also linked my favorite go to products for each plan that I religiously use on myself and to use behind the chair which you can find and purchase below as well.

I hope you enjoy these and hope I have made your hair journey a little more simpler to navigate through!

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